Audits provide insight into an organisations culture, policies, procedures, and aids board and management oversight by verifying internal and external controls such as operating effectiveness, risk mitigation controls, and compliance with any relevant laws or regulations.


In today's marketplace organisations face increasing pressure to deliver products and services, whether a result of location or evolving regulations, with increasing sustainability and reliability pressures, managing global operational risks has become a complex and continued challenge. Our auditing services assist our clients in managing their global operational risks and performance.

From internal audits to supplier and contractor audits, we provide peace of mind that your requirements are met. Whether you want us to verify a supplier aligns with industry-specific practices, or you need something designed to suit your organisation's requirements.

By partnering with us to develop your audit programme, you can protect your reputational brand, improve trust and visibility.

Our experts audit business against the following standards:

  • ISO 22301 Business Continuity
  • ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • ISO 22000 Food Safety Management

Our experts are here to make sure that the process of achieving your ISO certification is as smooth as possible. Contact us for a bespoke, fixed-fee quote and get started today.

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Internal Audits

Many organisations manage their own internal audits, while others choose an independent, objective approach from audit professionals. Our internal auditing services deliver internal audit programmes across your organisation, with experts who understand your industry and community requirements, we are your internal audit partner who can help manage risk and drive effective product and service delivery.

Supplier & Contractor Audits

Our external auditing service enable organisations to gain complete visibility into their suppliers' operations and practices. Our specialist teams develop and implement a supplier audit programme to suit your business requirements and combine it with available risk data and analysis that provides a true and accurate risk-based audit across vulnerable supply chain operations.

Certification Preperation

In today's markets businesses are looking to conform to a recognised industry standard (International Standard Organisation) that will promote a better workplace culture, improve reliability, productivity and service delivery. Our audit specialists will conduct a complete gap-analysis of your current operations against the required standard and produce a full report detailing deficiencies which would be considered as non-conformities.

Audit Benefits

Obtain an independent objective review, Save time and money by outsourcing your audit programme, Use of professional auditors who have a wealth of knowledge across management systems, process evaluation, and industrial expertise, Consistent audit delivery, Industry knowledge, resources and support

Health and Safety Management ISO 45001
Health & Safety Management

A Health and Safety Management System ensures an organisation complies with the occupational Laws and Legislation. It provides guidelines for implementing programs that will reduce workplace hazards, protect lives and promote employee health and wellbeing.

Security Management BS 16000
Security Management

Security Management is the identification of an organisation's assets (people, buildings, machines, systems and information assets), followed by the development and implementation of policies and procedures that detail effective control measures.

Environmental Management ISO 14001
Environmental Management

An Environmental Management System is a framework that assists an organisation in achieving its environmental goals through consistent review, evaluation, and improvement of its environmental performance while minimising the risk of non-compliance.

Risk Management ISO 31000
Risk Management

Risk Management is the identification, evaluation, and prioritisation of risks or vulnerabilities followed by coordinated and economical application of resources that minimise, monitor, and control the probability or impact of unfortunate events or to maximise the realisation of potential opportunities.

Crisis Management ISO 22301
Crisis Management

Crisis Management is the process of preparing for and managing any disruptive or unexpected emergency situation that affects an organisation, its stakeholder, employees, customers or revenue. The process is designed to prevent or lessen the damage that can be inflicted on the business.

Business Continuity
Business Continuity

Business Continuity & Resilience Management is the process of creating systems of prevention and recovery to deal with potential threats and vulnerabilities to an organisation. An organisation's resistance to failure is "the ability to withstand changes within any environment and continue to function".

Cyber Security ISO 27001
Cyber Security

Cyber security is the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. It's also known as information technology security or electronic information security.

Audits 1st Party Audits, 2nd Party Audits and 3rd Party Audits

Compliance and conformance audits gauge effectiveness and identify weaknesses inline with International Standards or in preperation for Certification. Audits include Internal, Contractor / Supplier & Certification.

Coronavirus Covid-19
COVID-19 Risk Management

Risk assessment during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic requires businesses to identify what work activities or situations might cause transmission of the virus. To find out how your business maybe impacted please get in touch.

Smart Business Software

We deliver bespoke front-end and back-end solutions for our customers and clients, whether a small company or a large multinational corporation, we design, develop and implement quality desktop applications, web applications, and applications for mobile devices that fit your needs and stand the test of time.


Compliance and risk are always a challenge. Ensuring a balance is maintained is more important and ever with overlapping regulatory regimes extending their reach across multiple sectors.

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