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Providing a rich, meaningful digital experience for users is key in today’s integrated digital world.

About MIRA Business

We are committed to user experience design which is both a science and an art. We are equally committed to an overall customer experience that delivers on our values. We believe this is why our users embrace our systems.

What we do

We manage critical processes throughout an organisations and in the most demanding of environments.

We want to make your business systems quicker, simpler and more intuitive enabling a company to make more intelligent decision than ever before. MIRA is a trusted brand providing you with advanced automation and analytics across your organisation.

Utilising MIRA enables you to engage your people so that targeted information reaches those who need it. 

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Our Principals

Our reputation is our asset, to our people and brand

MIRA has earned a reputation for conducting its business with integrity and with respect for the interests of those our activities and systems affect. Our first priority is to be a successful business and that means investing for growth and balancing short term and long term interests.

We are committed to safe and healthy working conditions for all employees. We are committed to working with employees to develop and enhance each individual’s skills and capabilities. We will maintain good communications with employees through company based information and consultation procedures.

Our Standards

Setting the standards throughout the company

MIRA Systems utilises a team of professional enablers, responsive, reliable, approachable and helpful, customer-focused, offering specialist systems and proactively encouraging ‘joined up thinking’ throughout the company; we see our role to develop business, communicate and lead best practice in unique management systems, in particular to lead a move to proactive business development on a global scale.

We strive to ensure that we attain the highest standards within the company to ensure our customers receive a service second to none!

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Our Capabilities

Our capabilities reflect the calibre of our systems

At MIRA we provide end-to-end system solutions on a superior breadth of knowledge and expertise in data management systems, communications & collaboration; professional and managed services; data centre hosting and cloud services.

We support all our customers' management systems with full lifecycle management - from planning, design, implementation and integration to support, management and optimisation. Organisations adopting strategic and selective management systems leverage the cost benefits of running internal systems with external resources.

Languages, CMS & Platforms

MIRA Business | Online Digital Services


Drupal is a CMS that makes it possible for you to create sites offering incredible experiences for your audience. Launch your site with ease using Drupal and let it scale as needed.

MIRA Business | Online Digital Services


Joomla is a CMS used to power millions of sites around the globe. Easily build your site with its elegant interface and customize it with thousands of templates and features.

MIRA Business | Online Digital Services


Magento is an eCommerce platform that will provide you with the utmost flexibility allowing you to personalize your site and customer experience. As you grow, Magento scales!

MIRA Business | Online Digital Services


WordPress is the world's most popular blog/CMS solution. WordPress' popularity has stemmed in large part from its ease of use and ability to be easily customized.

MIRA Business | Online Digital Services


HTML5 is a mark-up language used for structuring and presenting content on the internet. It also improves the language with support for the latest multimedia.

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Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language.

MIRA Business | Online Digital Services


A high-level, interpreted programming language. It is a language which is also characterised as dynamic, prototype-based and multi-paradigm.

MIRA Business | Online Digital Services


is an open-source relational database management system, it is a central component of the LAMP open-source web application software stack (and other "AMP" stacks).

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MIRA Business design and develop web-based management system that optimises business performance, enables regulatory compliance, and streamlines ISO initiatives.

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